Monday, November 13, 2006

monday 13th november

well i have a few lo's to share, i had my very first cyber crop over at the three challenges that were set were fantastic, the believe in your dreams lo had to be a basic lo you could not use any pp omg that was hard, you also had to hand cut most of your title and the only enbellies you could use was some chipboard.
this face melts my heart lo was a sketch challenge and you also had to use a b/w photo,and i really love how this one turned out. And the last lo had to have 4 or more photos some ribbon and something about the word first in it, am really happy with all 3 lo

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by :-)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i've been tagged (my first one)

ok i have been tagged by Jody....thanks Jody, this is my first tag so i hope i am doing

1.How old are you? 38
2.How many kids do you have if any? i have 3 Samantha 18,Jamie 16 and Nicholas 13
3.Are you married,single,divorced,widow? married to my hubby Paul for 12yrs but have been together for 20yrs
4.What is your occupation? at the moment SAHM
5.What are your passions? my kids,family, scrapping
6.Are you are dreamer or a dream seeker? mmmm i would say i'm a dreamer
7.Are you happy with the way your life has turned out? the only thing i would have changed would be to have more children, but i'm past it well there always grand kiddies
8.Are you a scrapper and if so how many hours a week do you scrap? I have never really tallied up the hours, i dont scrap every day but i scrap a few times a week
9.What do you want to do before you die? to meet my birth mother havn't seen her since i was about 7 she lives in england
10.What is your favorite food? chinese
11.What food do you hate the most? Tripe
12.What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? falling over while crossing a zebra crossing and a car with a whole bunch of people into stopped to let me cross.....omg i was so embarrassed
13.What is the happiest day of your life this far? having my 3 kids
14.are you a neat freak? i would have to answer yes to this, when my kids were little i went and bought locks for their rooms so they couldn't go in and play when i had cleaned their rooms i wouldnt even let them sit on their beds.... om how sad is that.... i must say i am not as bad now, i just close their doors now and i cant see the

now i tag kelley and melenie

have a great day ;-)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

just a quickie.........

just thought i'd share some recent lo's with you,the first one is of my youngest son Nick in his lacrosse gear i so love the b/w photo of him......... the second one is of my whacky son who by the way got a call back for a second interview for an apprenticeship at keep your fingers crossed that he gets it........he soooo wants to do hairdressing and he so has the personality for it ,he is doing cert II in haidressing at tafe at the moment and doing 2 days a week working in Stefans and he is loving every minute of it, so we were really pleased when he got the second interview which was today and he said it went really well, so we'll just keep everything crossed that he gets
ok now the last lo is of my daughter Samantha when she was about 4, wasnt to sure about leaving so much space on the lo as i am so used to using up every bit of space, but it is growing on me.....well thats about it for now
take care :-)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

here's a lo i did for a challenge over at had to be a girlie lo......well i love doing the girlie lo's so had to join in,this site is only new so go check it out.......thanks for looking :-)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ok it's about time i updated, well the Melbourne trip was fantastic loved every minute of it,didn't get to do any sight seeing though was too bust watch Lacrosse.Well the boys did a great job representing thier state they won 2 games out of the 6 but a few of them were very close.....these boys have only been together for 6months and most of the other teams have been together for a few years anyway was a great trip.....we will be doing it again in January but this time on the Gold Coast here are some pics....the first pic is of dh and ds at the airport, second pic is of ds playing a game of lacrosse and third pic is of ds in his QLD tracksuit.....have heaps more photo's but wont bore you with them all just
In other news my ds Jamie is going for an interview for an apprenticeship at stefan's he's currently doing work experience there 2 days a week as well as going to tafe 3 days a week doing cert II in keep your fingers crossed as he really wants this job at Stefan.oh and here is a pic of his new hairdo.
well thats about it for now, no new lo's to show yet maybe in my next post.
so take care and have a great day :-)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Been a while......

since my last post,still trying to get the hang of this thing,i still hav'nt figured out how to add links'm sure i'll get it some time soon

As some of you know my son Nick made it in to the Qld team for Lacrosse and he will be representing QLD in Melbourne,so i have been busy packing and getting the last few things together for this trip.....not long to go now only 5 more sleeps.....yay.....he's getting a little excited now.....i just hope i don't forget
and here are my most recent lo's that i have done, i wont get time to do any more till i get back from Melbourne....i will also be checking out some scrapbooking shops while i am there too.....
just a short post today,will update when i get back from Melbourne

take care everyone :-)

Monday, September 11, 2006

new lo.....

here is a lo i have done for a challenge over at zig zag really enjoyed this one as we had to use flower stamps, well i have had the mm foam flower stamps that my mother in law bought me for a while now and have never used them so i used them for this challenge.
Didn't really do much this weekend, Saturday morning i went shopping for some clothes for my Melbourne trip and got a few good bargins then at 12.30 we went to watch my ds play he Lacrosse game and didn't get home til about 4.30 did a bit of scrapbooking for about an hour,and saturday night my dd and her boyfriend came for dinner and to watch the footy, hubby was wrapped that St George won he was running around like an on Sunday hubby and i went to the markets didn't buy anything except strawberries and they were yummy.....

Well today i am off shopping again,there is a new scrapbooking shop opening up about 5 mins drive from my house and today is their grand opening so it worked out really well cause i don't have to work today.....yay....hopefully they will have the new basic grey papers.
I'd better go and get ready they open in an hour...

Have a great day.......

Saturday, September 09, 2006

ok here goes, my first entry for my first ever blog......

Well firstly i must say that this past week has been an emotional one what with the death of Steve Irwin (i think i'm still in shock) and then yesterday with the death of Peter Brock,and then the passing of Princess Rani,my heart goes out to Mel and her family at this sad time,i have been reading Mel's blog for a few months now and was checking every day in the hope that Rani would recieve her liver transplant, i was devestated to hear that she had lost her fight. May you rest in peace sweet little Rani

Ok on other news my daughter finally got a job YAY, she finished grade last 12 year and has been having a holiday for the past 10 months (the teens these days) She started on Monday at Amart all Sports and has been doing 8 hrs a day the poor bugga is tired and doesn't know whats hit her,Welcome to the real world, any way with her getting this job it has really taken a load of my mind as i was really starting to worry about her having no job.
Well i think thats about it for my first entry hopefully i'll remember to
oh before i go here is the latest lo i have done its of my son nick playing Lacrosse,he has made the Queensland team for under 15's and at the end of this month he is off to Melbourne to represent Qld .....i'm so pround of him he has really commited himself to this sport .