Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another lo share

Have been scrapping.....yay....
1. is of my son Jamie, who is always asking me that
2. is a lo i did for
3. is a lo i did for

Am really starting to do a lot more challenges of late, they really come in handy when the mogo is running low.

Have had a bit of a sick household ds nick had his left hand crushed by a Boom at work a few weeks ago, luckily it has all healed and everything is ok, then he had a case of shingles, and now he has a broken right hand, he broke it on saturday playing Lacrosse, lets hope that is the end of all his problems......and today my other ds Jamie has come down with the flu, i hope i don't catch it.

anyway thats enough of my dribble
have a great day
Lynn :0)

Friday, May 09, 2008

This post is just for you Beth ;0)

these are some lo's i have done over the last couple of months, not a lot i know, but i just wasn't in the mood for scrapping, i'm just starting to get the bug again :o)

1.its all about the hat = this is from a sketch by Sara over @

2.what a hoot = dont you just love the look on ds face

3.a girl thing = another sketch over @

4.everyday is a.... = cant remember what i did this one for.... oops spirit = this was for UYS flower challenge over @

thanks for looking and hopefully it won't be to long before i post some more lo's :0)