Wednesday, January 10, 2007


just some recent lo's to share

well it sure has been a while since i lasted not much has really been happening around here just the usual of running kids here there and do have some good news to share though, my daughter samantha finally has got herself a full time job, after sitting around for nearly 12mths, she did have a couple of part time jobs throughout the year but only earning a few $ here and there.....anyway she has herself a traineeship for reception work at this bridal shop its called Wendy Makem Bridal Designs....after the traineeship they will be training her for fashion design aswell, so she is really excited about this opportunity.she starts on the 15th of this month so she is making the most of the last few days she has left of doing she will be doing a 38 hour week, i think it will kill her at welcome to the real world
well ds jamie has an interview today for 1st year hardressing apprentice, so i am hoping he does well and gets the job.not a lot else happening ....hubby went back to work on monday so i should be able to get some more scrapping done, i really need to get in and clean my desk up as there is a huge mess on there...well better go and do some housework so it looks like i have done something for the day instead of sitting on
have a great day everyone :-)