Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ok it's about time i updated, well the Melbourne trip was fantastic loved every minute of it,didn't get to do any sight seeing though was too bust watch Lacrosse.Well the boys did a great job representing thier state they won 2 games out of the 6 but a few of them were very close.....these boys have only been together for 6months and most of the other teams have been together for a few years anyway was a great trip.....we will be doing it again in January but this time on the Gold Coast here are some pics....the first pic is of dh and ds at the airport, second pic is of ds playing a game of lacrosse and third pic is of ds in his QLD tracksuit.....have heaps more photo's but wont bore you with them all just
In other news my ds Jamie is going for an interview for an apprenticeship at stefan's he's currently doing work experience there 2 days a week as well as going to tafe 3 days a week doing cert II in keep your fingers crossed as he really wants this job at Stefan.oh and here is a pic of his new hairdo.
well thats about it for now, no new lo's to show yet maybe in my next post.
so take care and have a great day :-)

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