Sunday, March 08, 2009

An Update Finally!!!!!!!

Wow it's been about 5 months since my last post, i have had some people nagging me to do an update (wont mention any names So i thought i would share some photo's of my sons kitten that he got just before xmas, her name is Jinx and she is just so cute, but she also wrecks havoc where ever she goes, she has broken my table decoration i had on my dining room table and has chewed a couple of cords, but i think she is growing out of it now, thank god

she just loves to sit amongst the

and here she is fast asleep, isnt she just the
I have been doing a bit of scrapping, i have a Layout that i need to take a pic of and a couple of mini books that i have done, so i will be back soon with another update of my scrappy stuff, thanks for popping by


chook said...

oh wow you updated yay
Rachel and I just love your kitty
she is sooo cute
hugs Beth

Scottish Nanna said...

Your Kitten is sooooo cute I love her I dont Know who this Mary is that you are talking about?
Hugs Mary.