Monday, August 11, 2008

Some lo's !!!!!!!!

woo hoo i have finally done some scrapbooking!!! It has been soooo long since i have had the urge to scrapbook, i have done these to lo's as gifts for someone special, i picked up these frames from k mart on sunday they were only $15 each they were $24 but because there was a little bit of damage on them i managed to haggle the price down, the damage is all fixed now, amazing what a bit of ink will
anyway thanks for looking and hopefully it wont be to long until my next share,till next time take care
Lynn ;o)


Scottish Nanna said...

These are very good I love them you are sooooooooo clever.
Hugs Mary.

Wendy said...

these looks really great frames like this

Liz Weber said...

Gorgeous layouts Lynn and those frames are just perfect.

OMG can't believe Samantha is 20 years old already...

So nice to see you scrapping again!!!!