Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photo Share

Hi Bloggers, just thought i'd do an update, my ds Jamie just celebrated his 18th not that long ago so i thought i would share some pics, in the first photo is was about 2, he was such a cute and cuddly little boy and such a charmer, as you can see by the second photo things do change he's not so sweet and innocent anymore, but he's still loveable (simetimes). He decided that he wanted something special for his 18th something he could remember for a long time, so he went and got himself a TATOO.......i was hoping it would be something small and something that could be covered up, well no not him he had to go and get something BIG.Hate to think what he will do for his next birthday.
Havn't really done much scrapping of much lately, i have made a paper bag album, well 3 actually but i forgot to take photos of them before i gave them away, but i do still have one here so i will take a pic of it and do another post soon.
Thanks for dropping by


Scottish Nanna said...

He was cute and cuddly as a little boy and he still is I like his tatoo of a tiger Im one proud Nanna.
Hugs Mary.

chook said...

Nice tat
thanks now Luke is gonna want one LOL
hugs Beth

Belinda Venables said...

Hey Lynn,

I found your link from my web counter and had to come and say hi.

Love your blog - looks fabulous!

Have a great day.


Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Lynn, Loving the layouts! You can always beat DS at his own game and get some ink too!!! lol It's on my to do list but haven't quite gotten round to it yet! Chat soon, Lu